Our instructors have many years experience and training.  They are all active students, pursuing their own personal growth.  

Our instructors are not only long time practitioners of the physical training, they are great motivators and wonderful role models for all our students!

They care about each and every student and they are here to help you achieve your goals.  Training can be hard at times but we want our students to succeed.   Our fun, outgoing and enthusiastic instructors will support you through your martial arts journey!


​In return for the above, Our Team will expect you to maintain a positive attitude toward your training, and that you give 100% effort during every class.  You will also be expected to show respect for your fellow students and respect for yourself.


Ace Ramirez

Master Ace Ramirez is the Head Instructor at the Norwood location of Northern Valley KRU Training.

He has been training in the martial arts for 36 years and has reached instructor level ranks in Tae Kwon Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Combat Submission Wrestling, and is the Founder of KRU Muay Thai (an International organization).

Mr. Brandon Scheinbach

Mr. Brandon has started his martial arts training at 4 years old. He is now a teenager and assists many of our Future and Junior Champions kids classes. He is always looking to self improve and trains in our KRU Muay Thai and well as our Combatives Kali and Grappling programs for Teens and Adults.

Coach Chris Figueroa

Affectionately know as Coach "Fig", he is our Program Director as well as a Coach in our Children and Adult Classes. He is a Marine and security safety specialist, Coach Fig serves as a Ministry Leader at Living Word Community Church in Dumont, NJ .


Instructor Kristine Castro-Ramirez

Instructor "Kris" began her martial arts journey at the age of 12 years old. Her passion for training has lead her to be a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Coach Level in Kali (Filipino Martial Arts), a Women's Self Defense Instructor in Jane Jitsu and a Full Instructor in KRU Muay Thai.