Muay Thai

Muay Thai is system of martial arts that originated in Siam, now known as Thailand. Today it is the country's national sport but it is internationally recognized as one of the most effective striking styles. Known as the Art of Eight Limbs, the practitioner will learn a diverse set of methods of Punches, Elbows, Knees and Kicks. Not limited to only strikes, Muay Thai also has stand up grappling strategies which includes clinch, throws has origins in weapons attack and defenses born on the battlefields.

Our KRU Muay Thai curriculum is unique and has served as a model of hundred of coaches throughout the world and to benefit the student, we have a progressive ranking system that takes a person of no martial arts background and increase their skills physically as well as maturing as mentally achieving growth.

This program is offered in group classes as well as private sessions so whether you are looking for Daytime, Evening or Weekend training, our staff will be able to accommodate everyone!


Kali Combatives

One of the Main Objectives in our martial arts academy is to offer the most effective self defense course to the public. Most schools offer sport/tournament orientated programs or fitness based classes that are not meant for real world situations. Kali is a martial arts originating in the Philippines and has been sought after by military and government agencies for diffusing both empty hand and weapon (knife, stick, gun)  based attacks. 

Our Kali Combatives classes will introduce you to stand up attacks, as well as ground survival training where many street conflicts end up in. If you want to learn a COMPLETE system of protection for you and your family, ENROLL IN OUR TRIAL PROGRAM TODAY! 

Future Champions

The best decision you can make is to enroll your child into martial arts!

The question is "At what age should I start my child"? Well, our Future Champions Program can start your child as early as 3.5 years old. It is our foundation course to teach children everything they need to learn martial arts effectively as they are still in their growing stages.

Our classes for this program aim at 4 to 6 year old children and require a private assessment that is FREE. So book your appointment right away and find out why our age specific program has so many parents raving about its success.!

Junior Champions

Our Age Specific Classes for our Junior Champions Program is divided into 7 to 8 and 9 to 12 year olds. In these classes, your child will not just learn one style such as Karate or Tae Kwon Do. This is a complete curriculum similar to a liberal arts program in college. Don't let that fool you since your child will learn Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kali while they start as a white belt and earn their Black Belt. 

There is NO OTHER SCHOOL in the area that offers this curriculum nor have qualified teachers for your child. Get them started with the tools needed most in life and take advantage of our limited time special by calling us or download our mobile app.



Jane Jitsu

EDUCATE. EMPOWER. DEFEND. This is the mission for Jane Jitsu as this program aims to deliver a method for all women of all ages and any fitness level to defend themselves. 


This program is a no nonsense workshop series that you and your family and friends can enroll in and get immediate knowledge and applications for prevention techniques and defense from attacks such as grabs and chokes to abduction and sexual predator situations. 


Private and Group Workshops available for booking at our location or at your work place.