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KRU Muay Thai


The Original Muay Thai Academy

in Bergen County, NJ.


In 1996, Ace Ramirez first offered KRU Muay Thai to the public in Bergenfield, NJ. It quickly became a destination for beginners and advanced practitioners to come together and progress in an authentic Muay Thai style, yet it transformed into a comprehensive system. It was one of the first in the country to have a curriculum and progressive student ranking structure as well. 

Local classes were not the only contribution of this little academy. With the help of dedicated students and staff, Muay Thai competitions in the area were now publicly available to inspire new Nak Muay (muay thai practitioners) and seminars throughout North America. Ace Ramirez and his wife Instructor Kristine Castro-Ramirez created new coaches and the spread of Muay Thai not just in big cities but remote towns as well.

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