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​Choose Martial Arts to Protect

You and your Family!

Martial Arts are beautiful, graceful and powerful!
Regular training will no doubt provide students with health and physical benefits.  However, RESPECT and DISCIPLINE are important components of the art! 

Through training in Martial Arts, students will strive to achieve and live by the following principals:- To be polite, honest, sincere and straightforward, to control emotions and continue what they start in spite of difficulties, and to foster an indomitable spirit. 

No mater what age, ​students become DEDICATED, MOTIVATED AND DETERMINED to develop themselves to the MAXIMUM of their potential  IN ALL WAYS!

About Us

KRU Training at Northern Valley New Jersey is a Self Defense Based Martial Arts Academy. Led by Master Ace Ramirez, who has been training for 36 years, he hopes to bring the community together through our amazing curriculum and professional staff. We welcome students from as young as 4 years old, and no adult is too old to begin training!  


We offer classes 6 days of the week. Please click here for our regular schedule.

Welcome to Northern Valley Martial Arts


Our Academy is built upon the purpose of offering the best in modern day training concepts and traditional methods of combative arts  Our programs have many benefits for students of all ages, including physical and mental improvements, along with valuable life skills.


The martial arts are more than just kicking and punching.  More importantly, students learn how to defend themselves without ever having to use their skills.  It is because of the Self-Control and High-Self-Esteem that comes from our training that students are not bullied into physical confrontations or displays of violent behavior.


Respect is one of the major tenets of martial arts training.  We teach the importance of having respect for oneself, respect for parents, teachers and authority figures, and also the importance of respect for others in society.


As students progress to higher levels we also teach Leadership Skills, but our main focus is Life Skills necessary to lead happy and productive lives.  Lives that can incorporate the “YES I CAN” attitude, so they can get the most out of life!​

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